Risk Factors of Oral Cancer 1
There are a few common risk factors associated with oral cancer, some of which are in your control and some of which are not. If any of the following factors pertain to you, consider scheduling a check-up with a local dental professional. For residents of North Carolina, Dr. John Fish, DDS provides trusted oral care in Hildebran, NC.

The following are risk factors which are entirely within your control:

  1. Tobacco use
  2. Excessive alcohol consumption
  3. A low consumption of fruits and vegetables
  4. Extreme exposure to the sun
  5. The use of betel nuts

The following risk factors are out of your control, or control is very limited:

  1. Age
  2. Gender (males are more prone to oral cancer than females)
  3. Race and ethnicity
  4. HPV16 viral infection
  5. A history of cancer in the head or neck

If you are worried that you are at risk of oral cancer based on the above risk factors, get in touch with a local dental professional. North Carolina residents are encouraged to call the office of Dr. John Fish, DDS in Hildebran, NC for an initial consultation.