Dental Implant Treatment 1

Pristine Dental Implants in Greater Hickory, NC

Dental implants are the most natural looking form of teeth replacement. Not only does a dental implant look like the rest of the teeth, but it functions just like them as well. Professional dental implants allow the patient to regain full talking and chewing abilities that were previously inhibited by missing or decayed teeth.

Dr. Fish of Hildebran, NC is a dental implant specialist, as recognized by the American Board of Dental Specialties. Anyone in the greater Hickory, NC area that has missing or decayed teeth and is interested in exploring the possibility of dental implants is encouraged to reach out Dr. Fish’s office. Dental implants are the strongest and longest lasting form of teeth replacement, and with over 30 year of experience, Dr. Fish has completed thousands of successful dental implant procedures.

All patients will meet with Dr. Fish for an initial consultation to make sure that dental implants are the best solution. After the consultation, a plan will be put in place to fully restore the patient’s smile, talking and chewing ability. To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Fish, call his office at 828-397-5514.