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Dr. John Fish, DDS Provides Sedation Dentistry in the Greater Hickory, NC Area

Has It Been Years Since You’ve Seen Your Dentist?
Sedation Dentistry is the Next Best Thing to Not Being There.

If it’s been years since your last trip to the dentist, your fear may be the only factor preventing you from receiving proper dental care. Sedation Dentistry is dental treatment combined with medication to remove the anxiety that many people associate with a trip to the dentist.

John Fish DDS and his capable staff work carefully with you to determine the most appropriate sedation approach. For those who require anxiety reduction, we offer sedation options in our office. For those requiring deeper sedation or even general anesthesia, we also offer treatment options at the Tate Surgery Center or at Frye Regional Medical Center.

With our office being in Hildebran, NC, we are conveniently located and easily accessible to individuals throughout the greater Hickory, NC area. For patients in Blowing Rock, Hickory, Lenoir, Lincolnton, Morganton, or Newton, NC who need sedation dentistry services, click your city’s link for directions to our office.

Dr. Fish is One of Only a Few Dentists in Western North Carolina Offering a Complete Array of Sedation Options for a Wide Range of Procedures.

Dr. Fish designs a course of treatment that is specific to your medical, emotional and safety needs.  Many dentists offer a few sedation options, such as oral medications and/or nitrous oxide, to reduce fear. While these methods work well for some patients, they can be insufficient for those who are unable to tolerate normal dental treatment or want to be made even less aware of the procedure. In addition, patients who are medically compromised could be placed at risk if they are not treated in a facility with the appropriate medical personnel or if the dental team does not have the experience to deal with compromised medical conditions. For these patients, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia in a hospital setting are better options. We take time to understand our patient’s needs and work with each patient individually to determine the most appropriate sedation approach.

Sedation is endorsed by the American Dental Association and is an effective way to make you more comfortable during your dental visit. Before administering any sedative or anesthetic, Dr. Fish and his staff will talk to you in detail about the process of sedation and give you careful pre and post-sedation instructions.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry:

Elimination of Pain
For many people, the thing that scares them most about having a dental procedure carried out is the fear of pain. It’s understandable; no one likes to feel pain in their teeth or gums. And the major benefit of sedation dentistry is that is eliminates any memory of the procedure. Anxiety-free dental care is what everyone wants, and that’s what makes sedation dentistry so popular these days.

You Can Forget Fear or Anxiety.
Sometimes, the fear and anxiety that’s associated with seeing your dentist are often worse that the event itself. Some people experience fear and anxiety for weeks leading up to the day of the appointment. But sedation dentistry means that as soon as you’re in the chair, your fear and anxiety will disappear. You will be too comfortable to have feelings of worry and anxiety. Knowing that you won’t go through that feeling of fear can mean a great deal for many people.

You’ll Still be Able to Respond to the Dentist.
When you are sedated, you’re typically still conscious. This is important because it means that you can still respond to the dentist if there is any need for this. You won’t be put to sleep during your visit, unless a hospital setting is required. Instead, you’ll just be made more relaxed and at ease throughout the procedure. Sometimes, there might be simple questions that the dentist needs to ask. Or they might request something as simple as opening your mouth wider.

Better Use of Your Time
Typically, sedation visits are carefully planned so that most or all of your needs are handled in one sitting.  Because your comfort level is greatly increased, we are normally able to accomplish much more treatment at each visit. By eliminating multiple short visits and the anxiety associated with them, we are able to be much more efficient with your time.

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